Hotel prices in Sochi will be frozen during the Olympics

Government regulation of prices on hotel services will be introduced in Sochi for the period of the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Paralympics.

The maximum rate of stay at a 5-star hotel in a luxury room must not exceed 13,896 RUB per day.

The price of staying in a 4-star hotel double room (except for luxury rooms) must not exceed 6,492 RUB per day, and 3-star – 5,741 RUB per day.

For 2- and 1-star hotels, as well as for mini-hotels, the maximum price for a single room has been established at 2,936 roubles per day.

These price limits will be active for Sochi hotels from January 7 through April 16, 2014.

English Translation by BSN

Adapted from: SOCHI-24