In 2013 Russian Navy will conduct its biggest exercise in the last decade

According to Russia’s Armed Forces training plan for 2013, at the end of January the Navy will conduct exercises of inter-fleet group of forces with participation of ships and personnel from the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific fleets. The exercise will be held in water areas of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Yuga informs.

Exercise of this scale will be conducted by the Russian Navy for the first time in the last decades. Its main objective will be to obtain practical experience of creating a combined inter-branch group of forces outside of the Russian Federation boundaries, as well as to practise joint actions of all parts of the Navy’s combined force. The exercise plan includes practising in embarkation of marine and air assault units on Navy landing ships from unequipped sea coast of the North Caucasus.

One of the purposes of the exercise will be to allow the Navy personnel to acquire seamanship and skills in the course of performing combat training missions in the Black Sea and Mediterranean waters.

English translation by BSN