Russian Black Sea fleet renewed its presence in the Mediterranean

This information has been announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense press service, based on the results of the enlarged session of the Black Sea Fleet Military Council, summarizing the activities in 2012.

Rear admiral Alexander Fedotenkov, the Black Sea Fleet Commander-in-Chief has noted that ships and vessels of the fleet have been on duty in the Mediterranean for the whole year and have actually renewed their permanent presence in its waters. Black Sea Fleet has carried out 6 long voyages, including a voyage with a detachment of ships. Having completed its scheduled repair, «Alrosa» submarine has moved from Kronstadt to Sevastopol. Large landing ship «Caesar Kunikov» has represented the Fleet in the Italian Messina. Large landing ship «Novocherkassk» has made business callings to the ports of Greece and Montenegro.

Hydrographic ship «Donuzlav» has ensured the participation of the Russian delegation at the international hydrographic conference in Monaco. The Black Sea Fleet ships have twice participated in activations of the Black Sea Naval Force operational group (BLACKSEAFOR). The detachment of the Black Sea Fleet ships has participated in the bilateral Russian and Italian Navy maneuvers «Ionieks-2012» and bilateral Russian and Ukrainian Navy maneuvers «Fairway of Peace 2012». At present the detachment of the Black Sea Fleet combatant ships, leaded by the Black Sea Fleet flagship missile cruiser «Moscow», is on the mission in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 2012 vessels and coastal forces carried out more than 300 training missions, 2 shootings with cruise missiles and more than 30 shootings with anti-aircraft missiles, 170 artillery shootings. The vessels have completed more than 60 course tasks and 6 test training missions.

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