Odessa is getting ready for “Sea Breeze – 2013”

The startup conference on the planning of the Ukrainian-U.S. Sea Breeze 2013 exercises was started in Odessa. This information was announced by the local media office of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The event has been attended by representatives of Ukraine, the United States, and more than ten other countries that have already agreed to participate in the maneuvers.

At this conference officers will develop a common strategy, determine the structure of forces and means, and specify the places and areas for maneuvers in 2013.

They will be focused on the operation to ensure safety at sea “with an emphasis on the control of marine environment and the conduct of non-combatant evacuation operations”.

This is the first time for the last several years that the subdivisions of the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry have been invited to participate in Sea Breeze training. Military and rescue squads will have to train joint actions to eliminate the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters, to conduct humanitarian projects, and to ensure the safety of the local population.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from Vikna-Odesa