Ukraine and Turkey will exchange data on cargoes in Eupatoria, Sevastopol, and Zonguldak ports

Ukrainian customs officers have offered their Turkish colleagues to exchange information on the goods, going between the countries. Igor Kaletnik, Customs Service Manager, believes that such cooperation will help the agency to arrange more efficient clearance of cargoes.

It is assumed that all data will be sent to the other country’s Customs Service online even before the arrival of the respective cargo to its territory, which fact, in addition, will facilitate the operators’ accelerated customs examination.

Since the major part of the commodity circulation between Ukraine and Turkey is done by sea (according to the information of Igor Kaletnik, it covers almost 80% of the Turkish imports and 90% of the Ukrainian exports), the customs services have selected a number of ports for this pilot project: Ukrainian ports of Eupatoria and Sevastopol, and the Turkish port Zonguldak.

If such pilot project appears to be successful, it will be also implemented at other ports.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Ukrainian maritime business news