Panagyurishte Treasure - probably passed off and stolen / PHOTO

Pavel Tsvetankov, the grandson of Panagyurishte Treasure discoverers, has declared that the golden items in the famous collection have been substituted for replicas, while the originals have been stolen.

He has made such a conclusion based on the fact that the original dimensions and weight of the objects, officially recorded in 1949, do not coincide with the current ones. In particular, Pavel Tsvetankov refers to the fact that, for instance, the golden rhiton of the shape of dear head is now lighter by 11 grams than it was 60 years ago. He has shared his doubts with the National Security Agency.

The experts point out one fact, which may serve as a proof of Pavel Tsvetankov’s doubts. In 1974 Lyudmila Zhivkova, daughter of the General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party Central Committee, took the Panagyurishte Treasure from the Plovdiv archaeological museum, and then nobody knew where it was for approximately 8 years. After that it was found. However, it is quite possible that they have found just a copy of it, while the original has sunk into a private collection somewhere abroad.

At the same time Bozhidar Dimitrov, National Historical Museum Manager, believes such difference in the weight is just an error of the measuring devices.

It may be that in the near future some independent experts will be able to prove or disprove the supposition on the substitution and theft of the Panagyurishte Treasure or any of its parts.

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Adapted from: NewsBG.Ru
English translation by BSN


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