The Socio-Economic Situation in Occupied Crimea in 2014 – 2020. Third Edition

The third edition of the book "The Socio-Economic Situation in Occupied Crimea" includes updated information as of 2020 and new analytics on the managed migration of the Russian population to the seized territory and the water supply to the occupied peninsula.

The book is based on the monitoring results of the Monitoring Group of the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies and the BlackSeaNews online publication and has been published with the support of ZMINA Human Rights Centre.

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Back in the USSR. The Reverse Restructuring of the Crimean Economy 3
The "Trophy Economy". Militarization as a Factor of Industrial Growth 5
The "Trophy Economy". The Development of the Stolen Ukrainian Black Sea Shelf 9
The "Trophy Economy". The Commercial Exploitation of Marine Biological Resources 12
The "Trophy Economy". The Sale of Ukrainian Property 13
The Occupied Tourism 15
Exports and Imports


The "Grey Zone" Banking 17
Investment. What the "Crimean" Federal Target Programme Finances 18
The Replacement of the Population of Crimea 20
Water in Occupied Crimea: A 50-Year Step Backwards  25
The Crimean Budget  27
Small and Medium-Sized Business  28

Salaries and Pensions



During the years of the occupation, the population of the peninsula including Sevastopol has increased by at least 800 thousand – 1 million people due to external migration...



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