OSCE PA ready to be mediator in dialogue between government and opposition

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) is ready to act as an international mediator in order to launch dialogue between the government and the opposition in Ukraine if a relevant request is received from the country's authorities.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Ranko Krivokapic said this at a press conference as part of the OSCE Ministerial Council meeting in Kyiv on Thursday, while answering a question from Ukrinform.

"If both sides agree, we [OSCE PA] are ready to act [as an international intermediary to launch dialogue]. If the parliamentary majority and the opposition agree that they want us to take part in this dialogue, then we are ready," Krivokapic said.

He noted that the issue concerns contacts with representatives of the Ukrainian parliament, which is also part of the OSCE PA, as a branch of government in the country. However, he said, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is also ready to communicate with representatives of Ukraine's non-governmental sector if there is an official request from the country's democratically elected government.

He also expressed confidence that Ukraine can itself overcome the political crisis in the country. "I believe that Ukraine can itself cope with this [opposition protests] in a democratic manner," he said. "But if they need our assistance, then we'll do it," Krivokapic said.