Russian consul: No visas in near future, it's only about foreign passports

Consul General of Russia in Crimea Viacheslav Svetlichniy denies rumors that Russia is going to introduce a visa regime for Ukraine, but admitted that soon the citizens will probably have to cross the border on foreign passports.

The diplomat told this to reporters in Sevastopol, according to Ukrinform.

"There definitely will be no visas in the foreseeable future. But the fact that the entry is possible on foreign passports, so the issue is being discussed. The timing is not being discussed so for, but such opportunities exist," Svetlichniy noted.

He also added that the format of the Russian Consulate in Crimea will not change in case Ukraine signs an Association Agreement with the EU.

"Why should it change? We work not with the European Union but with Ukraine. Ukraine will always be our closest partner. This is a fraternal friendly state. Nothing will destroy it. We will stay here anyway, and in any case the Ukrainian representative offices will work in Russia on the same normal partnership basis," Svetlichniy emphasized.



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