Transnistrian journalists will be paid extras for writing about government

Transnistrian journalists will soon begin receiving additional payments for preparing reports and printed materials covering the activities of state power organs in the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, the regional government has decided.

The extras to monthly salaries will be up to 40 «levels of the minimum pay size» in the region at a given moment. Currently, the minimum permissible pay size here is standing at 6.9 local rubles, which is equivalent to US$1.6 [rpt one US dollar and sixty cents]. So, the maximum monthly extra size will constitute US$1.6 x 40 = US$64, which is not bad at all for the Transnistrian region.

However, the government wrote in its resolution that this privilege will be available only to the mass media owned and run by the state or local administrations.

For instance, employees of weekly publications may count on surcharges of maximum 10 levels, and papers coming two or more times a week – maximum 20 levels.

Electronic media journalists will be receiving extras up to 30 levels a month if an electronic product is issued once a day, and up to 40 levels – if two or more times a day.

Traveling journalists may be getting extras to salaries in the amount not exceeding 25 levels.

According to the governmental resolution, however, the concrete size of extras for each particular employee shall be decided upon by media outlets directors and only within the outlet’s payroll fund available.

Adapted from Infotag