Moldovan MPs adopt new road traffic code

The parliament of Moldova adopted a road traffic code September 26.

The code will set the legal framework for organizing and carrying out the road transport of goods and people, as well as activities related to them in Moldova. The same document will stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the public bodies in charge of organising the road transport, as well as of the private people and legal entities providing the concerned services.

The code will be applied to all Moldovan enterprises operating in the road transport, as well as to foreign road transport operators, in accordance with the bilateral agreements, international conventions and agreements, Moldova is party to, except for: private people making road transportations in their personal interest, enterprises operating in the road transport sector in the national traffic only by vehicles the maximal authorised speed of which does not exceed 40 km/ hour or military vehicles.

The National Motor Transport Agency will ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned code. The new institution will supervise the fulfillment of the provisions of the national legislation and international agreements by national and foreign transport operators in Moldova. The agency will issue and withdraw licenses and will apply contravention sanctions for illegal rates. The agency will also admit national operators to carry out international transportations of people with INTERBUS permits and will issue road maps for the foreign countries which did not join the INTERBUS Agreement. At the same time, the agency will be in charge of combating the illegal transportation.

Adapted from MOLDPRES


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