First water-desalinating system commissioned in Novy Svet

Presentation of the first and only water-desalinating system in Ukraine was conducted in Novy Svet on September 11.

The water-desalinating unit has been installed at the Vintage Hotel territory. The project has been implemented by the Simferopol “Ukrkhimspetsmontazh” Company under a patented technology. The project costs 640 thousand UAH with the payback period of approximately 3.5 years.

The unit does not require any permanent control by the personnel, and the maintenance is done once a week. Filtering membranes can work 3-7 years without any replacements. Water intake from the sea is carried out with two 30-meter long pipes, protected from storms with concrete slabs. The desalinated water complies with all sanitary norms.

To ensure the hotel with drinking water, this unit desalinates 40 cubic meters of water a day, although it has the capacity of 80 cubic meters. Taking into account the water supply problems in Novy Svet, the possibility for desalinating unit’s operation at full capacity to supply water to other facilities of the settlement is currently considered. The imported water in Novy Svet costs 80 UAH/cubic meter, whereas the self-cost of such desalinated water is 13.5 UAH/cubic meter.

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