European commission denies Germany reroute of funds for Roma in Romania, Bulgaria

The European Commission recently denied the intention to re-direct funds from Romania and Bulgaria, meant to improve the situation of Roma in these countries, to Germany.

The reaction came after the German station Deutsche Welle broadcast in Bulgarian announced millions of euros initially meant for the poor in Romania and Bulgaria would be re-directed to Germany, the emigration destination of many Romanians and Bulgarians. Another reason for the redirection of funds would be, according to the media, the two countries’ inability to use the funds.

The European Commission however denied the information. «It is not true. There is no transfer of structural funds which have been allotted to Romania and Bulgaria, to other countries», – said Jonathan Todd, spokesperson for László Andor, the EU commissioner responsible for employment, social affairs and inclusion, quoted by EurActiv.

He explained that these funds are allotted every seven years, and the current budget cycle ends this year, with the next one scheduled between 2014 and 2020. If EU member countries do no use these funds, they stay in the EU budget, but they are not re-allotted.

Adapted from Romania-Insider


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