Bulgaria - 65th biggest exporter globally

Bulgaria’s exports have been rising in recent years, making the country the 65th biggest exporter in the world, new data shows.

The Balkan country’s focus should be exporting specific products not the whole range of one particular sector, the Bulgarian Industrial Association said in an analysis.

Bulgaria is a leader in exporting fuels, metals, machine and electronic tools, cigarettes and pharmaceutical products, according to the analysis.

Bulgarian exports have risen considerably over the last and have not been hurt by the global economic crisis, it points out.

Bulgaria is the second biggest exporter of ore and precious metals concentrates on a global scale.

Bulgaria exports light petroleum derivatives primarily for Turkey, Georgia, Greece and Gibraltar; metals for China, Turkey, Italy and grains for European Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Lebanon and Egypt.

Iraq and Montenegro are the countries importing the most considerable amounts of cigarettes from Bulgaria.

Adapted from novinite