Bulgaria ranks 22th in Europe in terms of economic freedom

Bulgaria ranks 49th out of 151 countries included in the Economic Freedom of the World 2013 report of the Canadian Fraser Institute, distributed in Bulgaria by the Institute for Market Economics (IME ).

The leader of the ranking is Hong Kong, followed by Singapore , New Zealand and Switzerland. For 2013, Venezuela was found to be the country with the least economic freedom.

Bulgaria is ranked 49th with a score of 7.26 points out of maximum 10, which is a slight decrease compared to last year, when the country was ranked 47th with 7.30 points. In the EU, results vary from 7.89 points in Finland (7th rank) to 6.59 points for Slovenia (97th rank) . Bulgaria ranks 22nd among the EU countries.

The average score in the world rose to 6.87 out of the maximum 10 points compared to 6.74 last year.

Adapted from StandartNews