Roman amphitheater found erzin İsos'ta

Erzin, Hatay ongoing excavations in the ancient city of Isos amphitheater from the Roman period were found.

İsos'ta is an important settlement in 545 BC (Epifenia) excavation work continues. The ancient city with a history of five thousand years, the last of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great and the Persian King Darius made Isos wars. Isos era in the annals of history as a city of commerce, Byzantine, Hittite, Persian and Ottoman Empire, the city hosts a multicultural. Five thousand years ago, the city of an important settlement of the region to raise the allowance divided into 75 thousand excavations started.

Hatay Museum Directorate headed by archaeologist Omer Celik, the excavation team of 30 people, three separate studies concentrated point. Uncovered a part of the Roman road west of the excavation area. In the road, the road was also acknowledged that column. Roman road to the east of the northern part where the shops are ongoing studies has been reached. The mosaics were found in the excavations. Odeon point of land extending east of the architecture were found. Ongoing studies for 6 years before the ruins of the Byzantine troops had reached bath use. Recent studies Abbasid, Byzantine and Roman periods were found in major residential areas.

A hilly area of ​​the excavation of the Roman amphitheater found in studies conducted in the region. Occupied by people of the area uncovered during the excavations underway to reveal the theater scene.

İsos'taki completely after the end of the work that the county would become a museum city Erzin Governor Alexander the Great Aspects, to contribute to the objectives of tourism in the county, he said. Erzin-Dörtyol roadway face the day came about gradually Aspects of the city, «the ancient city of Isos information to be had here. Underground movie was filmed. Certain spots were, they appeared. This year we face the day would remove them. Mr. Governor, with the support of the ministry The excavations here were done with the money. Ki found a theater here. already knew that, but our eyes started to see that there is the amphitheater. Opposite us now dot the city center. almost to the point where the center consul, now began to face the day», – she said.

The excavated area, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great and Darius king of Persia, that the emphasis on the place of our great war in history Aspects, «We have to place an open-air museum, thinking to make a thematic museum. already There are museums thematic study prepared by the Tourism Infrastructure Plan, Mr. Governor. lies here in Ephesus. bit more will start to face the day. place will become a tourist town. because, for us, a very precious Isos ruins. bath found in previous studies. Given this, shortcomings is completed. expectation this place to become a museum city», – he said.

Adapted from Habermonitor


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