9150 meters – a new world altitude record for Mi-8MSB / Photo

Thursday, August 15, in Crimea the Ukrainian helicopter pilots achieved a new world altitude record for Mi-8MSB helicopter – 9150 meters. 

According to them, ‘Helicopters do not fly at such an altitude. Higher than Everest!’ (8848 meters).

The flight of Mi-8MSB helicopter was completed by joint crew of JSC ‘Motor Sich’ and State Scientific Research Center of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The pilots achieved the altitude of 9150 meters during 29 minutes 30 seconds.

On September 27, 2012, this crew of Mi-8MSB achieved a new aviation altitude record in subclass E-1g, subgroup 2 with 8250 m altitude.

New world record was fixed by VH recorder. The record is fixed by International Aviation Federation (FAI) expert Alla Strelnikova and mass media representatives.

Adapted from mil.gov.ua

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