Devices with Wi-Fi could rise in price in Ukraine

The National Commission for Regulation of Communications and Informatization announced plans to include the devices that support Wi-Fi into the list of goods, whose import shall be consistent with the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies.

Now the devices with Wi-Fi module may be imported without permission from the agency, the Kapital edition said.

But soon such document will be needed if a batch of more than four devices is brought into the country. Permissions will be paid and will equal UAH 10 per each device (which is likely to be proposed to customers).

Moreover, not only official importers will have to pay, but also ordinary Ukrainians, who buy the equipment at foreign online stores. In particular, one will have to pay when importing tablet computers, wireless keyboards and mice, 3D-glasses, printers, web cameras, monitors and other home appliances with Wi-Fi.

The introduction of the fee is attributed to the fact that because of mass distribution of such devices, the Wi-Fi range became extremely "littered" with radio signals. This, in particular, prevents Internet service providers to provide quality wireless services for Internet access. Home routers create most interferences.

The process of introducing an additional fee when importing Wi-Fi devices could take three months.

Adapted from Ukrinform


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