GPA asks Moldovan authorities to work out a clear-cut mechanism on state investments

The Gagauzia Popular Assembly (GPA) [region’s legislature] has demanded that the Moldovan authorities work out a clear-cut plan on state investments, which would envisage its well-balanced, objective and transparent distribution.

The GPA adopted on Wednesday a Declaration on the Investment Policy of the Republic of Moldova, in the field of public spending on capital investments in administrative-territorial units.     

The declaration says that in 2013, out of the total allocations, Gagauzia received only 800 thousand lei, which is much lower than the indexes of the previous periods and which makes only 0.5% out of the total investment amount.
Thus, the spending on capital investments in Moldova stands at 38.8 lei per capita, whereas in Gagauzia – at 4.9 lei, which is 7.9-fold lower.

The analysis of Moldova’s state budget for 2010-2013 has shown that under the same level of overall budget allocations for capital investments, to administrative-territorial units, in 2010 Gagauzia received 5 million lei, in 2011 – 6.82 million lei and in 2012 – 5.8 million lei.

The legislators of the GPA also stated that different criteria may lay at the basis of the financing mechanism, such as the specific density of area, the number of population, the level of development, the current condition of high-priority vital assets in the region, etc.

Adapted from Infotag