Moldovan Supreme Security Council examines Information, Security Service reform, situation in breakaway region

The Supreme Security Council today, in a meeting, examined a draft on the Information and Security Service (SIS) Reform Strategy and the action plan on the strategy’s implementation.

After the meeting, the SIS head, Mihai Balan, said that the documents examined today were very important for ensuring Moldova’s national security. He added that the actions that would be taken would lead to the creation of a special classical service, which would comply with the principles of a democratic state and with the European values. Balan said the draft also provided for a change in the institution’s name. The reform’s cost is not known for the moment.

The participants in the meeting also analysed the situation in Moldova’s Eastern districts. President Nicolae Timofti said that this issue was always in the state’s leadership attention and the measures, which should be taken in this respect, needed a deeper approach. „Somebody is wishing to start a new conflict in the region. We already have experiences of provocative situations appearing right when Moldova reaches a stage of solving its own problems related to EU accession,” Timofti said.

A group of representatives of the civil society warned, at a news conference today, that „ as the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius approaches, the risk of deliberate provocation of armed confrontations in the security zone is increasing in order to discredit the European prospects of our country”.

Moldovan lawmakers shall meet in a special meeting on Thursday, 20 June, in order to hear reports on the Transnistrian conflict.

Adapted from MOLDPRES