The majority of the Georgian citizens do not like current relations with Russia

The majority of participants of the poll, conducted in Georgia by the US National Democratic Institute (NDI), do not like current relations with Russian Federation.

Poll results were presented on Friday, July 12.

“More people have started to perceive Russia as a danger, and the number of people, who do not justify the new course of the country concerning Russia, has grown”, - NDI Georgian Office Manager Luis Navarro has stated.

63% of those asked have provided negative answers to the question “Do you like current relations between Georgia and Russia?” 25% have provided positive answers, 10% have found certain difficulty in replying, and 1 % of people have refused to reply.

Several months ago, in March, the NDI poll showed that 49% of respondents did not like relations with Russia, while 38% liked them.

According to the poll, 37% of respondents agree that Russia represents a real danger; 34% of those asked agree with the statement that Russia represents a danger for Georgia, but this danger is overestimated; while 20% believe that Russia is of no danger for Georgia. 9% of those asked could not provide any answer.

The poll was conducted on June 12 to 26. The representative sampling was used for direct interviewing of 2338 people. The sampling error is 2.9%.

English translation by BSN