Ukraine and Romania may restore the ferry across Danube near Reni

Romania intends to activate negotiations with the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on arrangement of the ferry between Isaccea and Orlivka settlements (Reni district).

Such information has been announced by the Romanian consul-general in Odessa Emil Rapcha in the course of his meeting with managers of Odessa region companies.

The consul-general has noted that arrangement of the ferry and the international frontier point may turn into a powerful impetus for development for depressive regions of both countries. The route between Romania and Ukraine for freight vehicles and tourist buses will be shorter by more than 200 km.

The issue of arrangement of Isaccea-Orlivka ferry has been discussed by representatives of both countries for approximately 20 years already. In 2011 deputies of the Odessa Regional Council turned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to grant international status to Isaccea-Orlivka admission point.

There is also an alternative project of Izmail-Tulcea ferry construction, Centre of transportation strategies informs.

English translation by BSN