Turkey creating first domestic fighter jet

Turkey is already completing the design of its first domestic fighter jet, the Zaman newspaper reported on May 27.

This week three projects to build a fighter will be submitted to the Department of Defence Industry of the Defence Ministry of Turkey, when a preliminary project will be selected.

A special feature of the Turkish fighter will be equipment with a system that will avoid radar detection. It is expected the fighter jet will be ready for operation by 2023.

Two engines will be used in the jets to enable them to stay in the air longer and gain more speed.

After selecting a project in 2021, production of the fighter will begin and in 2023 it will be handed over to the Turkish Armed Forces.

The Turkish defence industry has recently focused on the development and production of its own products. The country has managed to achieve a self-sufficiency level in the defence industry of 54 per cent.

Adapted from Worldbulletin