A joint Bulgarian-Chinese forum for investments and tourism starts in Plovdiv

«Bulgarian and Chinese businessmen are gathering in Plovdiv on May 28 to discuss plans for trade and economic partnership and exchange in the fields of tourism and culture. 

This forum is going to boost the cooperation between our two countries and guarantee the stable bilateral relations between Bulgaria and China in the future.  

For those who visited China the notion of the Chinese dream is not unknown. In 2009 President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping visited Bulgaria and promoted the idea of the China dream. Its essence is the prosperity of the country, revival of the nation, wellbeing of the people and harmony within the society.

Traditionally Bulgaria is a friend and good partner of China.

In 2012 the trade volume between China and Bulgaria reached 1,895 billion USD increasing by 29,4 percent y/y. The most impressive fact is that the import of Bulgarian goods to China has grown by 83 percent.

The Chinese investments in Bulgaria have grown by 22,37 million USD in 2012. The two countries successfully cooperate in farming, automobile industry, and communications. Some of our joint projects have yielded good results.

As a person who has been working in Bulgaria for three years now, I know that your country produces high quality goods at competitive prices, e.g. yogurt, rose oil, wine, etc.

I sincerely wish success to the Bulgarian Chinese forum dedicated to investments and tourism!», – PRC Ambassador to Bulgaria Guo Yezhou.

Adapted from Standart