11 accommodation facilities to be opened in the Crimea

11 new accommodation facilities are scheduled for opening in the Crimea in 2013.

According to the Department Manager at the Crimean Ministry of Resorts and Tourism Vera Kulichenko, Yevpatoria plans to open “Aphrodite” and “Yevpator” hotel complexes, while Yalta will commission the new building of “Bristol” hotel, “Oliva” hotel, and the recreation and hotel complex with the parking, located at Tavricheskaya Street.

Sudak and Chornomorsk district will have the grand opening of the Soldaya Grand Hotel complex and “Likko” hotel. The new building of the Alushta Radisson & SPA hotel complex is almost ready for commissioning.

The construction of the new cultural and entertainment complex, located near the entertainment complex “Solnyshko”, is also almost over.

Adapted from: BSNews

English translation by BSNews