Moldovan interim premier participated in events marking 200 anniversary of southern Taraclia town

On May 6 interim Prime Minister Iurie Leanca participated in a festivity dedicated to 200 anniversary of the first documentation of the Taraclia city, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Attending the event were Bulgarian Ambassador to Moldova George Panaiotov, representatives of the diplomatic corps and of the local public administration.

Leanca congratulated the leadership of the Taraclia city on the occasion of this holiday, marking the 200 anniversary since the town’s founding, as well as on the occasion of the Taraclia City’s Day, also celebrated on MAy 6.

Leanca welcomed the presence at the event of the members of the Bulgarian community, as well as of the Bulgarian delegation, underlining that their participation in the event would contribute to consolidate the friendship between the people of the two states.

Leanca stressed that Moldova was a multi-ethnical state and the decisions adopted over the past years at legislative and normative levels ensure the necessary conditions for preserving and developing the cultural identity of all ethnics from Moldova, including the Bulgarian one.

Leanca emphasised that it had been tested and was implementing the reorganization plan of the Grigorie Tamblac Taraclia-based State University into a regional institution. At the same time, about 2 million lei were allotted from the state budget for learning the Bulgarian language. Within the IREX-Moldova project, in cooperation with the USAID, the Taraclia-based library, including the libraries from the villages of Cairaclia, Valea Perjei and Budei have been endowed with up-to-date computers and connected to high-quality Internet. At the same time, it is completed the reparation of the Resuscitation Centre and the operations block of the district hospital, for which new equipment in amount of 5 million lei has been purchased.

Leanca also underscored that the government was strictly monitoring the development of the free economic zones of the Tvardita and Taraclia towns, the implementation of the PARE 1+1 programme, the achievement of the energy efficiency projects of the budgetary bodies, the modernisation of the region’s infrastructure, etc.

Due to the fact that the festivities dedicated to the 200 anniversary of the Taraclia city coincide this year with the Easter holidays, Leanca wished to the city’s residents the warmest congratulations on this holiday.

The 200 anniversary from the first documentation of the Taraclia city continued with different events and manifestations with the participation of the city’s residents and of many guests.

Adapted from Moldpres