Bulgarians write EU Strategy for attracting Chinese tourists

Most probably, a team of Bulgarian experts will be tasked to write a strategy for attracting more Chinese tourists to Europe and develop the marketing strategy of the EU on the vast tourism market of China. 

Bulgaria stands fair chances to head the Operational Group China with the European Committee for Tourism. Bulgaria’s nomination will be voted in mid May. 

The news was broken by Bulgaria’s Deputy Tourism Minister Ivo Marinov. Mr Marinov also presented the benefits for the Bulgarian tourist branch from the forthcoming congress of the European SPA Association to be held in the town of Pomorie in May 14-18. 

The forum will be attended by European lecturers, representatives of private health insurance funds with which Bulgarian balneological hotels will have business meetings and opportunities for signing of contracts, experts and mayors of the most popular SPA destinations in Europe. 

The hope of the Bulgarian tourist branch is to attract more foreign tourists in the SPA hotels as the current correlation is 70% Bulgarian tourists to 30% foreign holidaymakers. 

In 2013, Bulgaria expects a 3% growth of tourists as the biggest increase will be of the Russian tourists – by 20-25%, Ivo Marinov forecast. 

The number of the holidaymakers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan are also expected to increase. 

Adapted from Standart