Chisinau to monitor migration of people through Transnistria

The constitutional authorities will monitor the migration of people through the Transnistrian segment of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border at six internal checkpoints. According to acting Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Eugen Carpov, this initiative is one of the elements of the dialogue between Moldova and the EU on the liberalization of the visa regime, IPN reports, quoting a communiqué from the Reintegration Office.

«We are finalizing the relevant mechanisms that will enable to create appropriate conditions for ensuring the given process,» Eugen Carpov said in a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Moldova Farit Muhametshin.

According to Carpov, there are no plausible reasons for concern. The given mechanisms will be implemented by the Migration and Asylum Bureau by obeying the Security Zone rules. No additional obstacles to the free movement of people will be placed. Moreover, the procedures will be applied voluntarily, gratis and quickly.

The ambassador said that Russia would like to develop the cooperation with Moldova in all the areas, including the Transnistrian issue. The Russian Federation continues to abide by the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova as a basis for identifying the final solution to the Transnistrian dispute.

Adapted from Allmoldova