Freight transport corridor between Black and Baltic seas opens in Giurgiulesti Port

An inter-modal transport cargo corridor by water and rail, between the Black and Baltic seas, has been opened at the Giurgiulesti International Free Port.    

Attending the official inauguration festivity were acting Prime Minister Vlad Filat, Director General of the Danube Logistics Thomas Moser, as well as the Director General of the National Railroad Company of Moldova, Vitalie Struna. Participating in the event were also representatives of the local authorities.     

Vlad Filat watched the process of Chinese containers handling, which will be transported by rail to Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.     

He said that Moldova’s participation in projects that prove how the naval and rail transport decrease the expenses and attract transit flows of goods, is very important for the republic of Moldova.      

«This allows us efficiently use the investments in the port and railroad infrastructure, by creating a significant VAT for the southern Moldova,» said Filat.   

The top manager of Danube Logistics Company, Thomas Moser, thanked the Moldovan Government for its support in the implementation of this project, stressing the regional importance of the Republic of Moldova, as a country that allows the transit carriage of international freights.     

Danube Logistics and the National Railroad Company of Moldova became partners in the transportation of freights from the Black Sea ports to the Baltic Sea Ports, with the help of a special train ‘Zubr’. Through setting a new common railroad and naval tariff, the sides managed to create a new product that meets the demands of the local market. This will allow increasing the number of containers 3.5-fold – from 1,160 containers in 2012 to about 4,000 containers in 2013.       

Acting Prime Minister Vlad Filat also visited the terminal meant for the transshipment of vegetable oil, which has been constructed and administrated by the daughter-company of the Trans Oil holding - Trans Bulk Logistics, jointly with the company Danube Logistics.

Adapted from Infotag