Danube Logistics started transportation of soda ash from port of Varna to Chisinau via Giurgiulesti port

In mid March Danube Logistics transported for the first time 1,000 mt of soda ash in big bags from the Bulgarian port of Varna to Chisinau. The cargo was transported with Danube Logistics’ chartered general cargo vessel MV Lady Didem from Varna to Giurgiulesti International Free Port and from Giurgiulesti by railway to Chisinau.

«Apart from the transportation of containers, the shipment of general cargo in big bags and on pallets via our container and general cargo terminal in Giurgiulesti is becoming an important part of our business. With our inter-modal logistic services involving our own sea/river vessel, terminal services as well as railway and road transportation services we are able to offer our customers a cost efficient door-to-door solution for the shipment of their goods to Moldova» stated Thomas Moser, the Chairman of Danube Logistics.

Infotag’s dossier: Giurgiulesti International Free Ports’ entire territory has a status of a free economic zone until 2030. Due to its location on the Lower Danube with available water depths of up to 7m, GIFP is capable of receiving both inland and sea going vessels. Against this background GIFP serves its client as: the only direct sea/river-borne transshipment and distribution point to and from the Republic of Moldova; a regional logistics hub on the border of the EU with access to road, rail, river, sea, and an excellent location for business development, because of its strategic location, tri-modal transport infrastructure, low cost environment and a unique customs and tax regime.   

Adapted from Infotag


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