State Commission: construction schedule for Sochi Olympics-2014 hotels is wrecked

These are the conclusions made by the State Commission, established for operative resolution of organizational issues.

The minimum demand for the bed bank, approved by the International Olympic Committee, is 41.5 thousand rooms. The program of the Olympic facilities’ construction foresees the erection of 43 hotels for 24 thousand rooms, Yuga reports.

The program has already excluded 6 hotels «due to systematic breach of obligations by investors, wrecking of the basic plan terms and the network schedule, and the absence of financing».

Commission documents note that construction of another 24 hotel facilities is currently «wrecked or under the threat of disruption».

The list of the reasons for low speed of hotels’ construction is topped by the lack of the labor force, amounting to 10.7 thousand people.

English translation by BSN

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