About 900 government officials penalized in Kuban in 2012 for concealing income and property

In 2012, public prosecutors, responsible for the supervision of combating corruption, disclosed more than 6,000 violations of the law, said the Krasnodar Krai chief public prosecutor Mr. Leonid Korzhinek at a meeting of the Krai’s public prosecutor's office collegium.

According to him, for the whole of 2012, public prosecutors instigated more than 400 criminal proceedings linked with corruption crimes, more than 30 of those against the heads of municipalities and deputies of local legislatures, attorneys at law and police investigators, including for felonies of high and very high gravity.

According to the Krai’s Police Department data, the average size of bribe in the Kuban is 123,000 RUB, which is 2 times higher than Russia’s average indicator.

English translation by BSN
Adapted from Yuga.ru