Indian investors build first Georgia’s Resort hotel in Anaklia

Primary works are currently underway, Business Georgia informs.

According to Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Mrs. Keti Bochorishvili, the hotel is being built by Indian company «Nekstli», which owns a large network of hotels and restaurants in India. In the first phase, Indian investors plan to invest US$ 10 million into Anaklia.

According to the Deputy Minister, the construction will last for two years and will consist of three phases. The first phase will include building a 54-room hotel, but it has not been decided yet how many stars it will be attributed.

In the second phase, 80 bungalow-type houses will be built. According to Bochorishvili, this will be the first Resort hotel, nothing similar to which has ever been built in Georgia.

English translation by BSN