Moldova cuts back 22.4% agricultural production in 2012

The physical index of Moldova’s agricultural production shrunk 22.4% in 2012, against 2011.

According to the National Statistics Bureau, this was triggered by a 32.6% decrease in the crop production, as well as to a 1.1% setback in livestock production. In consequence, the overall quota of crop output in the country tumbled from 68% to 59%.   

According to preliminary data, the lowest indexes were recorded at the harvested corn – 571 thousand tons (39% of the level recorded in 2011); leguminous crops – 1.2 million tons (48.9%); potatoes – 182 thousand tons (51.9%) and tobacco – 2.8 thousand tons (52.9%).

At the same time, farmers harvested a good yield of sugar beets – 584 thousand tons (99.2%), fruit – 376 thousand tons (90.2%) and grapes – 505 thousand tons (84.7%).   

As for the livestock rearing sector, higher indexes were recorded only in the production of poultry and beef (+2.8%) – 165 thousand tons. The milk production went 5.3% down, to 528 thousand tons, whereas the production of eggs decreased 9.7% - to 633 million eggs.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry has explained the setback in the field of agriculture, by the unprecedented summer drought, which affected 90% of the Moldovan territory, causing damages of 2.5 billion lei. Moldovan Minister of Agriculture, Vasile Bumacov says that investments of over 1 billion lei are needed to mitigate the consequences of this disaster.

Adapted from Infotag


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