Own system of online reservation of vacations will be presented in Crimea

Presentation of the system of online reservation of vacation lodging will be held as part of the International Tourism Fair "Crimea. Resorts. Tourism. 2013".

According to the AR Crimea Minister of Resorts and Tourism Mr. Alexander Liev, Crimea needs its own online system for vacation reservation organized on the principles similar to the well-known service Booking.com.

According to Mr. Liev, today Crimean accommodation facilities are poorly represented in the global online booking system: "The problem is that these networks do hotel booking. In Crimea, out of four thousand accommodation facilities only two hundred are hotels. Two large groups of our accommodation facilities do not fall into the reservation system: health resorts and private houses. In a short time we will create a system where, having entered a website, a person could enter the disease’s name and obtain information about the relevant health resorts."

English Translation by BSNews

Adapted from: Kurortno-Informatsionny Tsentr