Moldovan border guards to receive new uniforms

14:08 25.01.2013

The Moldovan border guards will have new uniforms, said the Head of the Border Police Department, Dorin Purice, reasoning this decision by the need to abandon the outdated soviet mindset and to stick to new European fashion standards for on-duty wear.

About 3,500 employees will receive the new uniforms, which will be of three main types: parade uniforms, duty uniforms and ordinary dress uniforms. The clothes were tailored by Moldovan producers. Their overall cost amounts to about 7 million lei. Until quite recently, Moldovan border guards have been wearing green soviet-type uniforms, adopted in late 80-ties.

Uniforms will also be given to employees of the recently-created National Agency for Foodstuffs Safety. The clothing for 1,457 employees will also be of deep blue color. The uniforms are compulsory and will be offered free of charge.

Adapted from Infotag