Romania is cutting Ukrainian vessels from the Danube ports

On December 18-19, Ukrainian delegation with representatives from the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Infrastructure will take part in the 79th session of the Danube Commission (DC), Ismail CITY reports.

The session’s agenda includes several legal issues related to the Danube navigation. Among them are issues of the Procedures for charging duties, introduced by Romania, and their compliance with its provisions of the DC-approved Instruction, and a ban on unloading-loading of vessels flying Ukrainian flag in Romania’s ports.

As is known, instructions, issued by the Danubian countries and Administrations must be approved by the DC. As the Director General of the DC Secretariat has reported, he didn’t find the relevant Instruction on the procedure of charging duties for vessels passing the Sulina canal, in the minutes of the Danube Commission previous sessions.

Thus, one can conclude that in determining such tariffs the established procedures were not observed. Therefore, by the results of the discussion, despite objections from the Romanian side, the Ukrainian delegation managed to defend its interests and ensure that the matter be submitted to the 79th session of the Danube Commission.

English translation by BSN

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