Over 849 ths Azerbaijan citizens visited Georgia in 2012

From January to November this year, the number of foreign nationals who have crossed Georgia’s state border has comprised 4,017,375 people, up 58% compared to the same period last year, Gruzstat reported on December 17.

According to Business Georgia in January-November, 1,600,127 people have visited Georgia from Europe (except CIS), which is 99% more than last year. 2,234,746 people have come from the CIS countries, or 38% more than last year.

In particular, during the period, 16,714 people (up 45%) have arrived from Asia, 14,815 from the Middle East (almost three times more than last year), and 12,729 (6.2 times more) from other countries of the globe.

In January-November, most of the people who have come to Georgia from the CIS have arrived from Azerbaijan (849,021), which is 32% more than last year. 804,183 people have come to Georgia from Armenia (up 28%).

English translation by BSN