Sarmatian burial place found in Krasnodar Krai

Ancient Sarmatian burial place has been found in Korenovsky district under M4 «Don» highway Nineth chanel reports.

Construction workers discovered the burial mound during the reconstruction of the roadway. Its top and walls had collapsed, but the graves were preserved.

Archaeologists discovered Bronze Age burials and Sarmatian catacombs. The latter term is used to describe burial chambers in which the nomads buried their fellow tribesmen.

Archaeologists believe, a rich warrior was buried in one of the tombs. This is evidenced by items found on the bottom of the catacombs - weaponry, arrowheads and utensils of bronze and glass. Preliminary the finds are dated as the end of II century BC.

The finds have been sent to restoration. Archaeologists suppose that the warrior who possessed these items, could fight on the shores of the Bosporus Kingdom with the Romans, and the utensils found in his tomb were his trophies.

English translation by BSN