Koktebel seafront will be transformed by the beginning of the season

Field meeting of the interdepartmental working group on the placement of temporary facilities for business was held in Koktebel.

The meeting was attended by the AR Crimea Minister of Resorts and Tourism Mr. Alexander Liev, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mrs. Svetlana Verba, representatives of Koktebel, Ordzhonikidze, Primorsky, Shchebetovka township councils and Beregovoye village council. Participants of the meeting visited and inspected Koktebel seafront.

Alexander Liev said, Koktebel seafront was one of the most problematic spots in the 2012 holiday season, but by the beginning of the next season, it would be seriously changed: «Today, we have all conditions for this. The local authorities have demonstrated us today that the township is actively preparing for the next holiday season. All stalls and tents, which obstruct the view of the sea, will be demolished in the coming weeks.»

English translation by BSN