Foreign tourists booked half of hotel rooms in Chisinau ahead of winter holidays

Foreign tourists who decided to spend the New Year in Chisinau, have already booked about a half of hotel rooms in the capital.

According to the President of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Stanislav Rusu, «usually, most tourists who come to Moldova on New Year’s Eve are from Romania, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.» 

«There are also tourists from the EU countries and from the USA, but they are few in number. Usually, tourists come to Moldova to visit their relatives and friends and to spend their winter holidays with the nearest and dearest ones,» he said. 

He said that the prices in Moldovan hotels are accessible, noting that there are also discounts for groups of people. 

«A night in a four-star hotel costs 70-80 euros and 60 euros in Chisinau’s outskirts. In comparison with other countries, the prices in Moldova are reasonable,» he noted. 

He also said that usually, Moldovan hotels prepare a special program on the New Year night. Tourists can enjoy the traditional Moldovan cuisine. They also can order a special menu on the New Year night. 

Adapted from Infotag