Eggs and chicken produced in Moldova to be admitted to the EU market shortly

This was declared by representatives of the European Commission at a sitting of the Moldovan-European sub-committee on trade and investments held on November, 19 in Brussels.

The representatives of EU pointed out Moldova’s achievements in reforms in standardization and phyto-sanitary filed which will enable Moldova to sell eggs and chicken in EU. According to them, Moldova has to officially request for the export and fill in the form to complete the export admission procedure. The European party also appreciated the progress Moldova had achieved in the competition, quality infrastructure, financial services and customs administration reforms.

EU representatives also pointed out a necessity of passing the law of environmental duty and scrap metal export liberalization. The party of Moldova informed members of the EC about its progress in harmonizing its legislation with European standards aimed at establishing the area of free, deep and comprehensive trade with the EU. Representatives of Moldova also reported on trends of Moldova’s foreign trade and pointed out the European Union had remained the major trade partner of Moldova with its share in the total export and import being 47% and 44.7% within the first 8 months of 2012. Main Moldova’s export partners in the European Union are Romania (15.9%), the Great Britain (3.5%) and Germany (3.5%). The main import partner of Moldova is Romania with the share of 11.6%. Germany and Italy are the 6th and the 7th by an amount of import to Moldova with the shares of 7.5% and 6.5% respectively.

Adapted from Allmoldova