Turkey is among top-ranked global vegetables’ producers

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry, and Animal Husbandry of Turkey, the volume of vegetables and fruits, produced by the country over the last decade, has grown up to 46 million tons.

The Ministry has put a new objective – to bring this result up to 48 million tons by 2015.

The respective statement notes that, considering the economic policy conducted in this sector, the annual production of fruits and vegetables must reach 18.5 and 29.5 million tons respectively.

Over the last 6 years all producers, laying out new fruit gardens, get governmental support in the form of certified seedlings and money investments. At present the total amount of invested funds has reached 241 million TL.

Farms get support in the form of fertilizers and diesel fuel. In addition to that, they can order a consultation by an expert, including the soil analysis and recommendations for a specific land plot.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from My-Antalya