Almost 500 Sochi facilities are available for low-mobile people

Such availability passports have been already issued in several districts: Adler district – 199 facilities, Khostinsky – 153, Central – 136, and Lazarevsky – 10.

Accomplishment of all measures on the arrangement of the barrier-free environment is scheduled for December 2013.

All facilities and routes for disabled people are indicated at the «Barrier-free Sochi» website.

«At present more than 32000 people with a disability live in Sochi. Our task is to help them not only in their unobstructed movement around the city. We must do everything to ensure that people with limited abilities will not feel estranged from the world. We need to provide them with locations, where they can brighten up their life, have rest, and go in for sports», – Alexander Karandin, Deputy Mayor, has emphasized.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from Sochi-24