In Turkey, 41% of homes have access to Internet

About 41% of homes in Turkey have access to the Internet, says a survey conducted by a Turkish fixed line operator Türk Telekom and market research company Ipsos KMG,.

15,000 people from 38 regions of Turkey took part in the study .According to Internet provider TTNET, when data transmission technology ADSL appeared in Turkey in 2003, the number of broadband Internet users was 18,604.

By the first quarter of 2012, the number of ADSL users has increased by almost 900 times and has reached 16.7 million. Today, about 35 million people use the Internet in Turkey.

Average monthly consumption of Internet traffic has increased 4 times in the last 4 years and is now about 25 Gb per person.

The study also shows that the popularity of Internet cafes in Turkey has dropped. In 2010, 58% of all Internet users had access to the network at home, by the beginning of 2012 this figure has risen to 66%. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of the country’s Internet users are males, half of them are between 18 to 34 years of age.

English Translation by BSN

Adapted from: Antalia Segodnja