Cultural and historic sites on the Black Sea bottom will help to develop underwater tourism in Crimea

A number of cultural and historical sites, situated at the Black Sea bottom along the Crimean coast can attract tourist divers to the peninsula. Representative of the AR Crimea Committee on Cultural Heritage Mr. Andrei Filatov said this at a press conference in Simferopol.

According to him, the Black Sea bottom keeps more than 2.5 thousand historical sites from various eras. Here one can find towns, swallowed by the sea, ships of classic times, as well as military vehicles of World War II.

«More than forty of these sites are located at small depths, suitable to conduct underwater excursions for tourists», - said Andrei Filatov, noting that the most promising in terms of underwater tourism is the ancient settlement of Acra, located off the Kerch Peninsula coast at only a few meters depth.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from Kurortno-informatsionny Tsentr.