Chances are the right hand drive Sandero for the UK will be produсed in Romania

The right hand drive Dacia Sandero for the UK market will be produced in Romania, not at Renault's new plant in Morocco, according to an anonymous source quoted by Ziarul Financiar.

No official notification of which plant the UK Sandero will be produced in - Mioveni, Romania, or Tangiers, Morocco - has so far been given. «We are going to decide in the coming period which plant will produce the UK Sandero. Chances are that it will be produced in Romania, at the Mioveni plant,» the source told Ziarul Financiar.

It will be a potentially important contract for Renault owned Dacia Romania, with the UK seen as an important market for the local car manufacturer. UK customers are expected to buy around 10.000 Dacia Sanderos each year. The right hand drive versions of the Dacia Duster SUV for the British market will be produced in India and there have already been 1,000 pre-orders for the Duster models in the UK alone.

Adapted from Romania-insider