Russian Government approved regulations for transporting passengers in Sochi

The «Olympic» rules of passenger transportation in Sochi will become effective on November 1, and will be active until April 1, 2014.

An appropriate government resolution has been signed. It specifies rules for the organization of passenger road and rail transportation for the period of the 2014 Olympics preparation and conduct.

Permitted to travel on Olympic routes are motor vehicles, complying to no less than the fourth grade of environmental requirements. Mandatory requirements are the presence of GLONASS/GPS equipment and two-way voice communication between driver and dispatcher.

Only drivers with no less than five years of driving experience will be allowed to transport passengers along Olympic routes. Of those five years at least the last three they must be employed as drivers of vehicles of appropriate category. Besides, before starting to work on an Olympic route, they must undergo practical training of at least 6 days long.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Sochi-24