Moldovan schools to switch to new funding mechanism in 2013

All the primary and secondary general education institutions will be funded based on a new mechanism from 1 January 2013.

Thus, the schools will be funded based on a standard per-student spending, using the adjustment coefficients established by the government. The government approved a draft decision in this respect on September 26.

The new funding method is meant to increase the financial efficiency and autonomy of the education institutions. Education Minister Maia Sandu submitted the project to the Cabinet of Ministers. She said the new financing mechanism is to be used in 2013 and 2014.

«These two years will serve as a transition period in terms of per-student spending and additional transfers meant to facilitate the transition. The transfers will prepare the local public administration and the school management to complete the transition to standard per-student spending in early 2015,» Maia Sandu said.

The new funding mechanism was implemented as an experiment in the districts Causeni and Riscani in 2010. Since January 2012 this funding system has been implemented in education institutions from another nine districts and two municipalities.

Adapted from Moldpres

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