Azerbaijan spends $1.257bn to arms and military vehicles purchase in 2013

Azerbaijan ranks 15th in the world for the import of arms and military vehicles, says the report released by the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade.

According to the analysis prepared basing on initial reports, Baku spent $1.257bn on the import of arms and military vehicles in 2013.

Totally, the world countries spent at least $65.982bn on the purchase of weapons in 2013, this is the highest indicator since the cold war.

India tops the list of arms purchase with $9.943bn. It is followed by Saudi Arabia ($5.329bn), UK ($3.626bn), UAE ($3.511bn), US ($2.502bn), Kuwait ($2.451bn), Turkey ($1.733bn), Taiwan ($1.730bn), Indonesia ($1.718bn), Egypt ($1.629bn).

In the second top ten of largest arms importers China ranks 11th with $1.547bn, Australia 12th with $1.447bn, Venezuela 13th with $1.297bn, Singapore 14th with $1.260bn, Azerbaijan 15th with $1.257bn, Pakistan 16th with $1.220bn, Morocco 17th with $1.2bn, Finland 18th with $1.141bn, Greece 19th with $1.131bn and Brazil 20th with $1.059bn.

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